Exercise Your Rights

GoldMine offers powerful security capabilities. To be based on each “user’s properties.” However, the security is only as effective as you’ve set it up. Since GoldMine is designed by default to give users almost complete access to menus and your data, it is imperative that consideration is given and steps are taken to remove menu and access rights. An efficient way to apply security to new or current users is to create profiles with all the appropriate rights you want a typical user to have. Then apply this profile to each user. Most organizations need multiple profiles since people with different titles, such as manager, sales representative and administrator, typically call for different rights. Another advantage of removing unnecessary or inappropriate menu rights is that users’ dropdown menus will be less cluttered. That’s a good thing in itself. Plus, just because you haven’t trained someone on how to use “globally replace”, doesn’t mean they won’t experiment with it one day and inadvertently mess up your database! Keep in mind that the effort of administering security through user properties is defeated if users don’t have unique and confidential login passwords. Reinforce password privacy along with implementing defined user properties.