First To Admit About GoldMine

GoldMine versus Zoho: First To Admit About GoldMine

First Direct offers two CRM solutions: GoldMine CRM and Zoho CRM. Throughout my workday, I actively use both products side-by-side. It is important to acknowledge that GoldMine is not the most modern technology. Its design may not be the most “dated” one. Over the years, I believe that Ivanti should have invested more in improving GoldMine.

Despite its older design, GoldMine still has a dedicated user base. There are compelling reasons why I personally prefer using it. However, I have noticed that my prospects and customers’ requirements have evolved with time. As a result, Zoho has emerged as the best alternative solution to meet their changing needs.

Over 5 years ago, First Direct, a GoldMine CRM partner for over 30 years, made a strategic decision to offer Zoho as an alternative to GoldMine. In a previous blog post, I elaborated on the reasons behind this choice and why we decided to add Zoho to our offerings.

Why I am using GoldMine CRM?

As a long-time user GoldMine CRM, I confidently attest that this software plays an integral role in driving my business’s success. The foundation of our growth lies in building long-lasting relationships with clients. GoldMine empowers us to achieve this.

GoldMine CRM sets itself apart from other options with its perfect balance of power, user-friendliness, and affordability. This makes it an ideal fit for small businesses like ours. With over one million users relying on GoldMine, it is evident that this software is trusted by many to fulfill their business goals.

Despite its “dated” design, GoldMine remains a powerful CRM with numerous attractive features and capabilities that offer a competitive advantage. In fact, I have hundreds of GoldMine customers who see no economical reason to switch and start over, as they realize they haven’t fully tapped into ALL of GoldMine’s capabilities!

Making the most of GoldMine is smart because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Switching to a new CRM is a major undertaking, but it may be necessary. So, how can I help you make the most of GoldMine CRM? Or, is it time to consider switching to Zoho CRM?  If you’d like to see a private live demonstration of Zoho CRM click here.

I would be more than happy to discuss the pros & cons of keeping GoldMine CRM versus switching to Zoho CRM. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further insights and guidance!

Bob Ritter
First Direct Corporation