Sorting Custom Fields in a GoldMine Web View

GoldMine Web is used for accessing your GoldMine Premium system via a smartphone or tablet.  GoldMine Web allows users to view and edit much of the data in you system via the browser on those devices.

GoldMine Web features a default primary view, that presents many of the standard fields on the top half of a GoldMine record.  That view can be modified on the desktop client but it can not be modified on the Web view.  One can also view your “Custom Fields Tab” as well.  But some firms want to create  special “mobile view” in order to view only certain C1 and C2 (custom) fields.  That is also possible.

Fields in custom screens are shown in the alphabetical order by database field name in GoldMine Web and not as they are shown in GoldMine.

It is possible to control the order of the fields on the mobile view screen by numbering the “Tab Position” on the layout screen in your new custom view.  The field order for custom screens can be customized from GMPE/GoldMine Connect  2015.1 onward and is related to  the field order in the Field Properties > Layout >  Position within GoldMine Premium Edition.  (This is documented in the Release notes as ‘Fields on custom screens in Contact record are ordered by tab position set in GoldMine Premium.)

Again, this means the customization for GoldMine Web needs to be done with the Tab  position of the fields within GoldMine Premium Edition.

  • It is strongly recommended to have a full running backup of the GoldMine database
  • It is also strongly recommended to have a printout of the screen and mark on paper the desired tab order

  1. Log into GoldMine Premium Edition with Master rights
    2. Browse to the Fields tab
    3. Right Click > Select the desired custom screen
    4. Right Click > Screen Design
    5. Double Click on the first (desired) field on the screen – this will open the Field Properties dialog for this field
    6. Layout tab
    7. In the right loer section Field Order set the desired Position (Tab order)
  2. OK
    9. Repeat steps 5.- 8. for each field on the screen and provide the necessary and desired tab order
    10.  Once finished for all fields on the desired custom screen, it is  recommended to verify the tab order by setting the cursor into the first  field and then go through the screen via the Tab key and verify that  this is now the desired tab order
    11. When this was tested successfully, make sure to restart IIS so that the changes will be also taken over by GoldMine Web
    12. Verify the display now in GoldMine Web

If you’d like technical services to assist you with this please contact First Direct Corp. at 845-221-3800.  Thank you.