How To Increase Sales Productivity Up To 800% – Seriously!

Who wouldn’t want to increase sale productivity from 10% to 800%?  “What’s the catch?” you ask.  Read on to learn more.

Right off the bat, don’t waste your time even reading this article UNLESS you

  1. Need a more effective way to connect to “C-Level Decision Makers.”
  2. Want to work from your own prospect list or database of companies and contacts.
  3. Use, or will consider using phone calls to reach out to those contacts.
  4. Don’t have the time or in-house resources to devote to large volume of calls it takes to reach someone who will take your call.

If you are still reading, I’d like to introduce you to Jim Neidhardt of Renaissance Executive Forums of NJ.  Jim had all these needs and we set him up with a solution and I’d like him to tell you about.

Jim is a GoldMine user and customer of First Direct for nearly 2 decades.  He runs a unique consulting/business development practice and I encourage you to learn about his services by visiting his web site.  But this article is actually about solution that Jim discovered.

First Direct introduced Jim to a solution called ConnectLeader for his GoldMine CRM system.  He’s been using it since about February 2018 and he was kind enough to record a testimonial about it with me.

What Does ConnectLeader do?
It is an Intelligent Sales Acceleration platform that gives sales, lead generation, and marketing teams powerful tools to identify the right prospects, obtain accurate contact data, and enable accelerated communication using it’s sales connectivity optimization and lead nurturing features.

ConnectLeader’s technology and system integrates with your GoldMine database in a bi-directional manner and allows your organization to leverage their team of professional sales representatives in order to literally put YOU on the phone with your decision makers.  Then it updates your GoldMine database with the results!  The net benefit for Jim and his firm has been tremendous.  I recorded a brief interview with Jim on this so you could hear about ConnectLeader in his own words.

To learn more about ConnectLeader give me a call @(845) 221-3800 or fill out the contact form linked to our ConnectLeader page.