The Best Salespeople Ask the Best Questions

Would you like to know a simple and inexpensive communications technique that is powerful enough to dramatically increase sales?

Would it interest you even more if you could use this same method to greatly improve all your relationships, from your customers, to your employees, and even your personal relationships?

This technique will unlock marketing mysteries, shed light on important customer patterns, and reveal opportunities!   It’s also a rather simple concept, even though sales people often fail to apply it.  Here’s what you do:

Combine questions and listening for the following powerful effects:

  • Uncover values, beliefs and preferences
  • Create involvement
  • Collect useful information
  • Break patterns and refocus attention
  • Determine priorities and expectations
  • Plant suggestions
  • Strengthen human bonds
  • Reverse negative inertia and create positive momentum

Given the value of using good questions, you can appreciate why I like to say:
“The Best Salespeople Ask The Best Questions!”

Answers to your questions can provide triggers for:

  1. Future follow-up
  2. Qualifying and ranking leads and opportunities
  3. Details to capture in your database for future filters and marketing efforts
  4. Analyzing your marketing and the performance of your sales efforts

Your CRM database is an excellent tool for storing responses. Determining the questions to ask and anticipating responses and where they should be stored in your CRM system is something to consider in advance.  As such, you may need to do some configuration of your system to accept the information.

Would you like me to review how you’re using CRM system to take the best possible advantage of its capabilities?  Call me at 845-221-3800.

Bob Ritter, Pres. First Direct Corp.