Now that you own GoldMine CRM Software … So What?

Image - So What.In a perfect world, you could purchase software and it would do all the work for you.  I’m not just talking about installing or signing up for the software;  I’m talking about it performing all the functions it is designed for.  Like I said, in a perfect world.  Now let’s talk about the real world.

GoldMine Premium CRM software is just software until you apply it to good use.  But what is “good use.”  Or, as I like to put it, “Now that you own GoldMine CRM, SO WHAT?”   In other words, we must address the question of “What do you want to achieve or improve through the use of GoldMine?”

To address this question, I’d like to offer you some examples of “good uses” by way of some useful marketing advice, from yours truly – me.  Please pardon my lack of modesty, in an effort to state my conviction in the following marketing concepts:

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As I often say during my presentations to prospective GoldMine purchasers, I don’t just sell GoldMine, I use it.  And, I’ve used it effectively enough to win more awards from the manufacturer of GoldMine than any other Solution Partner.

As much as I enjoy selling GoldMine, what I enjoy the most is helping organizations to use it to achieve their business goals and operating needs.  I hope you’ll speak to me about your situation and allow me to show you how you and your organization can use GoldMine more effectively.  Contact me today for a no-obligation discussion.

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