GoldMine Premium Edition 2016.1 Hotfix 3 Released

What’s Fixed in GoldMine 2016.1 HF3

GoldMine Premium 2016.1.0.179 / GoldMine Connect 2016.1.0.309

  1. Create email to GoldMine internal user on Project’s team tab does not create internal email to User but instead creates email to Project’s primary contact
  2. [GMWEB] – Calendar loading with spinning wheel when the user has a lot of pending activities for the specific time frame scheduled >> this  makes the activity list on the ACTIVITIES page not responsive, scroll may or may not work appears to hang in the list.
  3. Cross validated/context depending F2 lookups on OPMGR table: F2 values different in Opportunity’s/Project’s detail vs. Opportunity’s/Project’s properties view. Properties view shows no values as it looks for ‘ ‘ instead of set values
  4. [GMWEB] – The Total and Forecast Column in OPPORTUNITIES list is to small and needs be extended