How to Improve Your Undocked GoldMine Synchronization Speeds


One of our technicians recently did some tests with an  undocked GoldMine install on a laptop to see how much of difference there was in performance between running the laptop from battery vs plugged in. Since GoldMine sync is something you can watch and see how long it takes our technician used a retrieval of a transfer set with a lot of linked docs and email attachments. The difference in sync speed/time was surprising.

We’ve always known that laptop performance drops when on battery, but never really gave much thought to how much it can affect daily tasks. Retrieval speed of linked docs was nearly double with the laptop plugged in vs. being on battery.

So if you have GoldMine users who synchronize their laptop installs it is important to advise them to make sure the laptop is plugged in and charging vs running it off the battery.