What’s New in GoldMine Premium 2014.2

FrontRange Solutions released GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.2 on Tuesday December 9th 2014.

If you have questions please call (845) 221-3800.  To learn more about this build we encourage GoldMine users and prospective users to attend:  GoldMine Roadmap Overview

The following are the Release Notes for GoldMine 2014.2

Access GoldMine data in real time via a web browser with GoldMine WebGoldMine Web provides basic contact management functionality and a new user interface.  No local installation and no additional license are required for GoldMine Web.  A concurrent GoldMine Premium license is used by each active GoldMine Web session.

Contacts in GoldMine Web

  • View and order a list of contact records
  • Search for desired contacts by Contact or Company
  • Create new Contact records
  • Drill down on a selected Contact to view, add, or update:
    • Basic primary field data
    • Custom screens field data
    • Additional Contacts
    • Details
    • Notes

Activities in GoldMine Web

  • View and edit History activities from the Contact record
  • View, schedule, edit and complete Pending activities from the Contact record or the Activities page
  • View Pending Activities in a weekly list and graphical calendar
    • View activities for yourself or a selected user
    • Filter activities by type
  • Supported activity types:
    • Calls
    • Actions
      • Actions scheduled in Web appear as Other Actions in GoldMine Premium
      • Actions scheduled in GoldMine Premium as Next Actions retain this activity type if updated in GoldMine Web
    • Events
      • Events scheduled in GoldMine Web with All Day checked appear as Events in GoldMine Premium
      • Events scheduled in GoldMine Web with a Start and End time appear as Appointments in GoldMine Premium
      • Events and appointments scheduled in GoldMine Premium retain the appropriate activity type if updated in GoldMine Web
    • Forecasted Sales
  • When viewing timed activities on the Contact Record Pending or History tab or on the Activities list or calendar, the time zone for the local browser is respected.  For All Day events or for dates in custom fields, the date from the server is respected.
  • The GoldMine Messaging Service can be configured to send activity notifications (alarms) that include a link to open the activity in GoldMine Web or Mobile.

Email in GoldMine Web

  • View sent and filed linked History emails from a Contact record
  • View and fast file linked Pending emails from a Contact record
  • View and fast file linked and unlinked Pending emails from the Activities page
  • Select to reply, reply all, or forward an email viewed in GoldMine Web to open the designated email client with a limited amount of the original message available.
  • Clicking an email address link in GoldMine Web will open a new message in the user’s designated email client.
  • With minimal configuration, a user’s emails can be retrieved into the GoldMine database while the user is logged into GoldMine Web.

What’s Changed in GoldMine 2014.2

When completing an activity scheduled for multiple users and selecting the option to complete the activity for ALL users in GoldMine Premium or when completing an activity scheduled for multiple users in GoldMine Mobile or Web, the originally scheduled users are retained in the resulting History items.

A maximum of the previous 20 days of emails can be retrieved into the GoldMine database when logged into GoldMine Mobile or Web when the user’s email settings are configured for IMAP (recommended).  To retrieve Inbox emails for more than 20 days, the user can log into GoldMine Premium.  It is not possible to retrieve emails from the specified IMAP Sent mailbox in GoldMine Premium.

What’s Fixed in GoldMine 2014.2

Issue # Title


Cannot unlink an activity from an opportunity, can only change opportunity to which it is linked


Maximum number of licensed users has been reached.


Have a user-defined date field on the top-half of screen in GMPE but when we see it through GMME it looks like this: /Date(1411189200000-500)


Unable to open Outlook when the GoldMine Outlook integration is active and there is no active SQL connection to the GoldMine SQL database.