Win more sales, by knowing what your customers & prospects need before they know it.

I had a customer who recently did a marketing campaign for a new product they offer.  The “Call To Action” was a link in the email campaign to “BUY” the advertised product. They had sent this nicely formatted HTML email campaign to approx 1000 of their customers/prospects. Unfortunately the results were not as good as expected. The customer did get the average open rate of approx 10% of the list. Anyone who has done marketing for a while, knows that even the best marketing campaigns on average get approx a 15-20% open rate. The problem was that they only got less then a 1% click rate. Meaning, no one purchased.

So after reviewing the results of this campaign, I asked the customer a few questions about the list they sent to:

Q1. How many of the people that they sent this email to, didn’t already own the product?
A1. They didn’t know.

Q2. How many of the people that they sent this email to, need the product?
A2. They said, everyone in their industry needs this product, as their industry requires it.

Q3. How many of the people that they sent this email to, have purchased from them in the past?
A3. This list was a purchased list, containing email addresses of key contacts in their industry.

So as we can see, knowing a little bit more about the people that they sent to, we can quickly understand why they got such a low response.

This is where I introduced them to IntelliClick for GoldMine. IntelliClick allows you to insert “intelligent” links in your emails. When these links are clicked by your recipients  your GoldMine users can be notified via Email, Scheduled GM Call, or SMS text msg. Another great feature is that you can update GoldMine fields based on the clicks in your campaigns as well. This feature is great for survey type emails, where you want to engage your customers in a proactive conversation to gain information about them. You can ask YES | NO type questions and when customers click on the YES or NO  link in your email, it can update a field in GoldMine to capture their responses to these questions.  IntelliClick has many more great features for tracking your marketing campaign recipients actions. If you are interested in a demo please click here to sign up.

With IntelliClick this customer could have sent a different type of campaign to this purchased list to gain more information about them. They could have asked survey type questions about whether or not they already owned the updated software version,  or if they didn’t already own it, if they were looking to purchase it in the near future. Armed with the information gained from this sort of marketing campaign, the customer could have then sent a more targeted campaign with an offer to buy the product to those that didn’t already own it or who were thinking about making a purchase soon.

IntelliClick for GoldMine not only keeps your lists clean, by removing hard bounces and by not sending to unsubscribed members, but it offers many other great features for keeping your sales team in the loop with what their prospects/customers are doing in response to your marketing campaigns. This allows your sales team to win more sales, by knowing what your customers/prospects need before they know it.