GoldMine Mobile Edition Now Included with Purchase of GoldMine!

GoldMine Mobile Edition is now FREE with the purchase of GoldMine Premium Edition.

Features and Functionality of GoldMine Mobile Edition

  • Real-Time Access Anywhere
    GoldMine Mobile Edition allows instant, wireless access to mobile users using the widely popular Apple iOS mobile device platform.
  • Rich user interface
    GoldMine Mobile Edition user interface is designed with the look and feel of a native smartphone application. This UI makes the application easier to learn and use by the mobile users and supports standard touchscreen gestures.
  • Log contacts and track activities
    Attach time-stamped notes of phone conversations, meetings and ideas, as well as view histories and activities for any contact.
  • Manage revenue-related activities
    Help manage and identify forecasted sales, increase sales productivity and drive additional revenue through available mobile sales functionality.
  • Perform service engagements
    Provide service technicians and other field service workers with instant access to customer, case and service activities for them to perform their field based problem to resolution processes.
  • Manage mobile activities
    See all of your calls, meetings and to-do entries in the activities list available on the mobile device. In real-time update the activity record and associated CRM data so no information is lost and all teams are kept up to date on any activity performed in the field. SMS reminders ensure no activity is missed while you’re on the road.

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