“Round Robin” Assigning of New GoldMine Leads

Is your GoldMine connected to your website so that you can capture leads from your web forms and automatically create/update new Contact Records in GoldMine? Would you like to do a “Round Robin” assignment of the “New Leads” to your GoldMine Sales Reps? Well, with GoldMine, you can do that and it’s easy to set up.  It requires creating/using the Lookup.ini file.

Just update your GoldMine lookup.ini file with this code:


lookup1=&counter(“SalesRepCounter”,1) % 3

Now, one thing to be aware of is that this will not take into consideration any bogus leads that you may receive from your website.
You should ensure that your web forms are setup to prevent SPAM leads from being submitted, otherwise your sales reps may be disappointed with the leads they are receiving  while others are receiving good leads.

If your website is not currently connected to your GoldMine system to create/update records when your web forms are submitted, you can click here to learn more or contact First Direct Corp. to discuss implementing this feature. In addition, if you are interested in learning more about what the Lookup.ini file can do for you, please click here.