Is Your PC Running Slow? Maybe it’s time to DEFRAG!!

Defragging is one of those things – like doing the dishes or picking up the clothes off the floor – that you know you should get around to doing, but for some reason it’s so very difficult to find the time to do. There’s no doubt that it’s important. Yet, still it’s one of those things that’s so easy to keep procrastinating about. Why is that?

The truth is that defragging just isn’t part of the regular scheduled “cleaning” for most users, even many of those who are diligent about running antivirus or anti-malware software on a regular basis. This may not be due to ignorance about the available tool in Windows, or laziness on the part of the user, but simple forgetfulness. One useful tool that can help by letting you set it up to run automatically on boot and never think about again, is UltraDefrag.

For an old and lagging system suffering from what a tech geek friend of mine once called “bit-rot”, doing a nice thorough defrag of the hard drive can make a tremendous difference. Sometimes the performance improvement can be quite shocking. It’s so effective that most gamers turn to defragging the hard drive first when they’re looking for ways to tweak out the most performance improvements in their systems.

So if you’re PC user experience is slow and sluggish maybe it’s time to run a disk Defrag.