SQL Query – Possible Missed Follow-ups

The following SQL Query shows who you’ve had a call or appointment with in the last 60 days.   The list generated can then be used to determine who you’ve followed up with and who you haven’t. You can update/modify the query below to show more or less days and don’t forget to change the h. userid = ‘JAY’ to your GoldMine username.

SELECT c1.contact, c1.company, c1.phone1, h.ondate, h.ref, h.actvcode, h.resultcode, c1.accountno 
FROM contact1 as c1
       INNER JOIN conthist as h
       ON c1.accountno = h.accountno
WHERE  h.rectype IN ('A','C')
AND    h.ondate >= GETDATE() - 60
AND    h.userid = 'JAY'

To enter the above SQL Query into your GoldMine, Go to Tools | SQL Query in GoldMine, copy and paste this in and hit query.