The Balanced Entrepreneur

A little known fact about me, Bob Ritter President of First Direct Corporation, is that I attended Babson College in Mass. and I am the first of 5 students to graduate with what was a new major at that time “Entrepreneurial Studies.”  Babson has a world-class reputation in business education and entrepreneurship especially.

A good friend of mine from “Babo” who also finished his undergraduate studies and majored with me was a man named Mark Simon.  Mark went on to earn a doctorate and is now a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Oakland University.  Check out Dr. Simon’s new book titled The Balanced Entrepreneur that is available on Amazon.

The phrase “Balanced Entrepreneur” sounds like an oxymoron.  Which is probably why a book was needed on the subject!

Dr. Simon also has two blogs that should interest entrepreneurs.  You can find them at [link to blogs].  Recently I wrote two articles which Mark posted to his blog. Here’s a link to my most recent article:

The Entrepreneur and Change: Just as a flame is fed with oxygen, change can flame the fires of success for the entrepreneur

I hope you’ll visit my friend Mark’s site and find something that interests you and help your business!   Tell him “Critter” sent you!