How To Make The GoldMine Login User Name, Default To Your Own Login Username

In order to configure your GoldMine to have your  “Username” appear automatically in the window of the log-in splash screen and not some other usersname, here is what you need to do:

1. Log out of GoldMine and then find the GoldMine icon/shortcut on your desktop* and “right click” on it and choose “properties.”

2. When the GoldMine Properties dialogue window opens, up select the “Shortcut” tab.

3. In the “Target” box put your cursor at the end of the expression that is already there and add a space at the end. Then type a forward slash / followed by the capital letter “U” and then a colon, and then your actual GoldMine user name.  Do NOT edit anything that is already in the target window … you are only appending to what is there.)  When you are done the target path should look something like this:

“C:\Program Files(x86)\GoldMine\gmw.exe” /U:BOB

4. Use the icon you just edited to log back in to GoldMine.  Your user name should now appear in the User window of the GoldMine splash screen!

*NOTE: This must be done at the users workstation!