Automatically Update The ‘Dear’ Field With First Name When Contact Field Is Filled In

The script below when added to the lookup.ini file will automatically populate the Dear field when a name containing at least two words are entered into the Contact field.

Lookup.ini Script


Otherwise=&trim(substr(contact1->contact, 1, at(” “, contact1->contact)))

Instructions for use.

Open the lookup.ini file (Notepad is ideal for this)
Add the lines above to the file, including the lines into the Autoupdate section.
For more details on the lookup.ini file see the GoldMine help files.
Save the lookup.ini file
Restart GoldMine.

This script is supplied on an as-is basis, and First Direct Corp. makes no claims as to its suitability and takes no responsibility for misuse, data corruption or system downtime as a result of its use. No support is provided and it is assumed that the user will have a working knowledge of GoldMine.