Time To Get Help

Recently we received a technical support call from a large customer about how to export data out of GoldMine.  This is a red flag to us that something may be wrong.  It’s not always a sign of a problem because often times the customer is just trying to supply mailing list data to an external marketing fulfillment service. But it can also signal that the customer is changing CRM systems.

So we asked the customer what was happening and they told us that their GoldMine users were extremely frustrated with how GoldMine functioned.  Owners were ready to drop the system and spend a significant sum to replace it.  IT was ready to take on a large task of implementing a new system, figuring out how to migrate years of valuable data from GoldMine into the new system, and take on the responsibility of having to configure the system from scratch and train all the users over again. 

Of course, First Direct valued this customer and was disappointed to learn that they may be dropping GoldMine.  We asked them if they would be willing to explain so that we might have a chance to address their concerns and make an obvious attempt to salvage the relationship.  We agreed it was worth a try so we called a meeting to give some of their key users who had spoken out a chance to show us the functions that annoyed them.

As they ran down their list of complaints while demonstrating them in their live GoldMine system my colleague and I were able see that they simply were not aware of much better and easier ways for them to do what they were trying to do.  Within 60 minutes it became clear to both us and the customer that GoldMine was far more powerful and suitable than they thought.  All they needed was some help, which First Direct is here to provide. The customer came out of the meeting enlightened and with a new appreciation for the system they owned. 

Aside from the greater value they now recognized GoldMine had to offer, they also appreciated that as managers of the system they had a responsibility for their organization’s success with it.  And with that responsibility sometimes comes the need to get help.  The conversation is leading to a joint and proactive CRM Success Plan including set priorities and actionable steps. There is renewed commitment by all parties to find better ways of managing one of their firm’s most valuable business systems and assets – their GoldMine database. 

Here’s a list with live links to ways you can get help:

GoldMine Support Desk (with current maintenance – call (800)755-2100  (Use option 3, then 1 and have your customer number – HDA# handy.)
First Direct Corp. – (800) 935-4386

Submit a specific request to First Direct Corp.