Dial the Phone with GoldMine

What image do you conjure up when you think of someone who’s selling?  Possibly you pictured someone talking on the phone.  Surely you’ve heard the expression “dialing for dollars” as a way to describe the daily efforts by salespeople and telemarketers to reach prospects and customers. 

Whether you’re cold calling, introducing yourself to new web leads and referrals, following up on active prospects and customers, or fielding incoming inquiries, a large ratio of sales activity takes place on the phone.  And, when you’re on the phone you should be on the record. 

As a GoldMine trainer my number one basic principle for success with GoldMine is to “be on the record!”  Look over the shoulder of anyone in my office who’s on the phone and you’ll see what organization they’re talking with because that’s the GoldMine Record on their computer’s screen.  You have to be on the record you’re talking with in order to use GoldMine for the reasons you purchased it, not to mention to improve the quality and accuracy of the information you have.

For my organization, and others, the use of the phones is a big enough factor that we believe it warrants having tight integration between your phone system and your GoldMine database. 

Apart from the features of your phone system alone, here are compelling reasons for tight integration between GoldMine and your phones:

  • Screen pops based on incoming caller ID can save time searching for the GoldMine record
  • Automated capture of incoming callers phone number can prove very useful
  • Speed dialing with GoldMine reduces wrong dials and increases productivity as much as 15%
  • Power dialing outbound call campaigns to a call list where you can lift productivity by as much as 30%
  • Automate tracking calls by automatically initiating a “completed call” and capture the actual call duration
  • Automate scheduling follow-up with a Macros on a record of frequent call outcomes to reduce data entry time and increase selling time
  • Better call tracking in the context of your CRM records means enhanced reporting and greater accountability

The bottom line – you’ll sell more!

It just makes common sense – if you’re going to put people’s phone numbers into your GoldMine database you should let your GoldMine database dial the phone for you!  Once you start dialing with GoldMine you’ll wonder why anyone would want to otherwise.

Let us give you a demonstration of what you can do with GoldMine using your existing phone system.  That’s right, your existing phone system! 
Register for our online event – Telephony Integration – GoldMine and Your Current Phone System – what you don’t know that you can do

Great News – First Direct can integrate GoldMine with just about any phone system! If you’re a small business looking for a new phone system I’d be happy to tell you what phone system we changed to recently and why I chose it. We’ve reduced our phone bills nearly 50% in the process!

Tapi Link for GoldMine – Once installed, Tapi Link for GoldMine becomes an integral part of your GoldMine and enables users to dial directly from within GoldMine and present a caller’s contact details when the telephone rings.