Adding a “Personal Touch” to a Mass Email

Here’s an effective way to give a “mass email” a personal touch and thereby lift response.   In other words, if your firm has developed fancy HTML email templates in your GoldMine Document Template library this is an easy way to enhance them when you want to give them a ‘one-to-one’ tone.

Start by making a clone (copy) of the template so that the original is not altered.   In the new template simply add lines (using your “return key”) above the designed template.  Then you can edit the top of the email with GoldMine merge fields to enter the first name and perhaps a short message — the shorter & sweeter the better.  I like to keep such a message to two or three sentences at most and to make the tone of the message feel like it was written to just one person. 

Because the formatting at the top of the email, where you want to add the text, will be dictated by HTML coding inside the template, you probably will need to alter the font and even the alignment of what you’re adding.  This can be done inside the GoldMine email client without altering the style of the actual template below.

With a personal salutation and the right personal note at the top of an HTML template, even if you broadcast this to group or filtered list of GoldMine records, this approach will still create the sense that you wrote to the recipient individually.   Doing so tends to invite a dialogue that doesn’t occur generally with mass broadcast emails.  So whether you send to one contact or a thousand records, this method can trigger a level of response that may pleasantly surprise you. 

Given the “personal feel” of the message, you’re apt to get responses which may not even relate to the primary marketing message.  Recipients may take the occasion of your email to ask you for something or to tell you something that was on their mind.  Either way, any response is an interaction that marketers want and sales people need!

(NOTE: If you’re managing replies to your campaigns with GoldMine Email Rules, you may need to pay more attention to what the respondent is saying.)