How to Find Contacts with a Certain Email Merge Code

For those using GoldMine Email Merge codes to identify additional contacts, it’s going to be helpful for you to know how you can search for additional contacts based on merge code. This could be useful to get a count, or even to generate a targeted list for some purpose.

The query below can be pasted into GoldMine’s query window. Before you run the query you just need to enter the Merge Code you’re looking for in the query where I identified it to go.

Select Contact1.Company, Contact1.Contact, Contsupp.contsupref, Contsupp.address2 from Contact1, Contsupp where Contact1.Accountno = Contsupp.Accountno and like “E-mail Address” AND contsupp.mergecodes like ‘%ENTER MERGE CODE%’

After you run it and test it, make sure to press “Save” so you can use it again in the future. Then by just changing the Code you can get results for any Email Merge Code you’d like.

To learn more about SQL queries and for a list of over 60 sample queries I recommend “The GoldMine Guide to SQL Queries”