RSight Takes GoldMine to the Next Level

Our Golden Nugget this issue is about company called RSight Investigations, Inc.. (  As their name implies, RSight provides investigative services to the insurance industry, employers, TPAs, and others.

The RSight organization started using GoldMine since its inception in 1999.  The customer had originally contacted First Direct back in Sept. of 2003, however, as it turns out they purchased GoldMine from another vendor.  In 2007, RSight decided it was time to take GoldMine to the next level and they turned to First Direct to help make it happen. 

One reason they remembered First Direct was that they had received marketing communications from them ever since their initial inquiry. This impressed decision makers at RSight who saw that First Direct was knowledgeable on how to market effectively with GoldMine.

Sandra von Eschenbach saw what their organization could do with GoldMine Premium as a result of a couple demonstrations by First Direct and the firm moved forward with an upgrade of their 28 user GoldMine system through First Direct Corp. 

With First Direct Corp.’s support, RSight has developed a dramatically new approach to using GoldMine to meet the needs of their complicated workflow.  The changes to their GoldMine configuration enable them to improve operating efficiency and customer satisfaction.  According to Sandra, “With the use of Record Typing, redesigning our Primary Views, and creating considerable number of specialized SQL Queries the organization can access information more quickly and use it to enable our staff to focus on their activities.” 

To overcome some unique database challenges, and better communicate with clients, RSight deployed EmailRush and MasterMine.  Steve Cassell, President, says, “We attribute First Direct with innovative ideas and solutions to help us achieve our objectives through GoldMine.”
Sandra adds, “What we are doing today with GoldMine would not have been possible without the upgrade to Premium Edition and the assistance of First Direct.  They have been fantastic!”

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