Time To Revisit Your Users’ Menu Rights

As you know, in GoldMine Premium some pull down menus have changed. And, some new features have been added. So for all of you GoldMine Administrators out there, it’s time to revisit your “User Properties” and “Security Profiles” in order to update their available “Menus.” 

When you do, the User Properties dialogue window may confuse you because you’ll see the old menu layout. FrontRange is due to change this, and hopefully they do before the next issue of this newsletter. Nonetheless it is still worthwhile for you to revisit the settings you’ve applied to your users. Chances are if you haven’t done this in some time, or if you are running either the default settings or those your Solution Partner may have done for you when the software was first installed, you are bound to find appropriate changes to improve security as well as to cut down on the unnecessary and confusing choices your users face of features which they do not need, and should not be given!

Making intelligent decisions about what your “GoldMine User Properties” should be is a lot more difficult than doing the changes themselves. These choices require a full understanding and appreciation of the implications that will affect your users.  In other words, checking or un-checking a box doesn’t require any technical skills … but knowing the effect when you do takes considerable familiarity with the GoldMine application itself and CRM acumen.  If you want an expert input, contact First Direct Corporation.