Creating a Professional e-Mail Signature

You may send dozens, if not hundreds, of email messages every day. Something as simple as a professional email signature says a lot about you and your organization, and gives contacts everything they need to reach you and learn more.

A signature file may or may not contain an actual signature. Most often, it provides personal and company contact information, and maybe a company logo or descriptive phrase.

Create an email template with a touch of class using GoldMine’s signature file capability. Without investing in any additional HTML tools, you can create an impressive and artistic signature that is automatically included in every one of your outgoing GoldMine emails.

To create your own HTML signature file, follow these steps:

  1. If you would like your emails to actually contain your personal signature, you will need to scan a copy of your signature into a file. You might just as well do it in color. Then, when you include this signature, it can look just like you signed the email with a blue pen.
  2. Start a brand new email to someone (anyone will do). In the next steps, you will add some simple text and a couple of graphics to the empty window where you usually type the text of the email.
  3. Add a couple of blank lines so your final document has room for you to start typing a message.
  4. Type “Respectfully yours,” or whatever closing you prefer, and then add a couple more blank lines for your signature.
  5. Type your name, title, company name, company web site, your phone number and your email address – each on separate lines.
  6. Now comes the cool part. Position your cursor on the blank line between “Respectfully yours” and your name.
  7. Click the Insert Picture icon and then “browse” to select the file in which you saved your scannedsignature.
  8. Once you’ve filled in the Picture Source field, click OK.Note: You may need to resize your signature.
  • Your document should now look something like this:
  • Now click the HTML icon. You will immediately see that GoldMine has turned your text into HTML code.It’s this code that you want to save in your signature file.
  • Cut and paste the code you’ve just generated into Notepad or into Word and save it as a .txt file.
  • Now tell GoldMine that you want it to always use this signature file.Go to Edit/Preferences/Internet/More Options.Make sure to select Use Signature File, the third option on the screen.

    Use the browse button just below to link GoldMine to the signature file you just created.

  • Voilà! You’re in business and looking really professional. You can add a company logo and a slick catch phrase as well.