Frustrated with GoldMine’s default HTML email font style and font size?

By default, whenever you go to send a new email in GoldMine, the emails are set to font style Tahoma with a font size of 2. If you decide to change this to something more preferrable like Arial, the setting does not stay so you have to do this everytime you want to send a new email.

If you don’t want to use this font or don’t want to have to change the default font everytime, you need to create a “Default New” email template in the Document Management Center that will set the font style and size to something more preferrible. This way you won’t have to keep changing the font size when you want to send an email.


1. Access the Document Management Center – (Go To> Document Templates)
2. Create a New Email Template – (Right click on Email Templates and select New)
3. Make sure you have Rich-Text/HTML capability enabled – (Click on the Options Tab > Check the Rich text (HTML) check box
4. View the email source code – ( Right click in the message window and select > Edit HTML Source)
5. Select All the default code ( CTRL A ) and then delete it.
6. Paste in the following HTML code:

<TABLE width=600>
<TD style=”FONT-SIZE: 18px; FONT-FAMILY: Arial”>

7. Select the <H> to preview the email.
8. Enter your text/message/signature/images.
9. Save the template – (Give the email template a subject name ie; “Default Email Template”, and save it.)
10. Set the template as the default new email – (Right click on the email template under the Email Templates folder in the Document Templates select > Set as Default > New Message
11. Now your email template will have a default Font Family of Arial and the Font size will be 18px which is the same as Font Size 3