Where Does GoldMine Store Organization Charts?

Organization Tree Data is stored in the “CONSUPP” Table under the RecType “O.”

Here is how the ConSupp Fields are used:

Fieldname Used For (Data Stored In)
ACCOUNTNO AccountNo of the Linked Record
CONTACT Date/Time AP was attached. In format: YYYYMMDDHH:MM:SS
CONSUPREF Next event to be triggered. Duplicate of Tracks.Name
PHONE Duplicate of Tracks.option1.
EXT Next Event Number. Duplicate of Tracks.EventNo.
ADDRESS1 Process name. Duplicate of Tracks.Name for header record of AP Track
CITY Text description of the next action type. Based on TracksActnType.
ZIP Username that assigned the track
COUNTRY Number of days until event is triggered. Based on Tracks.NextActn

* All field values are set by the “system” as users manipulate the chart. To help you understand the values stored in the fields, here are some notes about the formatting:

CONTSUPREF is a character field but the segments are displayed using numbers (padded with zeros). They also pertain to the sorting of the entries in the Org Tree.

A new Organization might have the following value in CONTSUPREF: 10000 – If you add a section (Section1) to that organization you might use: 1000000500. 10000 is the parent and 00500 is the child. Now every link or section under Section1 must have at least this value (1000000500) in CONTSUPREF.

Now lets say you add another section (Section2) under the org (not within the previous section) you might use: 1000000510. 00510 is the child section and it will appear after (not inside of) Section1 because:

it shares the same parent (10000) and

its value is greater than Section1 (00510 > 00500).

Every link or section appearing under Section2 will have at least this value in CONTSUPREF.

Now lets say you want to add a Section (Section2a) inside of Section2. You might use: 100000051000500

Again the same rules apply. We can see how the parent number is here (1000000510) and the child number is appended (00500).

Organizations will start the initial parent number and only sections can add to it. Links do not add a child value they use the section’s value+space+Contact name. This provides a sorting mechanism for Links within a section. Adding ‘Seth Perelman’ to Section2 might yield: 100000510 Seth Perelman

Note that if the contact name gets truncated due to insufficient field length, it will not hurt the data.

You can have a maximum of 5 sections within an Organization.

As you can see, this in the not the easiest data structure, to say the least. This makes it challenging when it comes to report writing. It takes a very experienced Report Writer, who is also familiar with these tables, to make a useful report – but it can be done! For further assistance with Organizational Charts, contact First Direct Corp.