GoldMine® Integration Services for Microsoft® Outlook®

GoldMine® Integration Services for Microsoft® Outlook® provides you with a complete view of email correspondence for contacts shared by GoldMine and Outlook.

Created for companies so GoldMine and Outlook users are on the same page and have a complete history for all prospects, customers and vendors. And now there’s no more time wasted manually copying emails from Outlook into GoldMine because you can automatically link all messages back to GoldMine from Outlook. With GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Outlook you can also:

■ Launch Contact in GoldMine: Brings up GoldMine and opens contact linked to the current highlighted email (if linked)
■ Link Received and Sent eMail Messages to GoldMine Contact: Searches GoldMine database for sender’s email address and links message
■ Create a new Contact and Link eMail Message: Allows user to create new GoldMine Contact record, and links email to it
■ Access to GoldMine Contacts via Outlook Address Book: Send an email from Outlook to any contact in the GoldMine database.