Build a Superhuman Salesperson

What would you say if I offered you a salesperson that works tirelessly, or never forgets to follow-up, or never complains about compensation no matter how successful they are, is 100% loyal, and completely focused on what you direct them to do?  What if I told you this sales rep costs less than any other salesperson you pay today?  You’d say, “What’s the catch?” 

There’s always a catch … especially when something sounds this good.  But even with the catch, it’s still a great offer!  A fantastic offer!! 

First, meet your salesperson … their name is GoldMine Automated Processes!   Now, don’t go saying this is ridiculous … hear me out.

To begin with, let me quote the person reputed to be the “father of modern advertising,” and the founder of Advertising Age Magazine.  John Kennedy said, “Advertising is sales in print.”  Furthermore, it is generally accepted that most direct marketing body copy is approached from the perspective of a salesperson writing or speaking to an individual prospect or customer.  As they say, “You put the salesperson in the letter” and “You demonstrate in your brochure.” 

There’s a lot of “selling” going on in letters, emails, faxes, and related website pages.  With videos, flash, and now even podcasts, you can package a salesperson’s presentation, let alone their personality, and distribute at any time.  Not to mention communications intended to maintain and build relationships and loyalty.

Surely there is no replacement for human interaction – via a phone call or face-to-face.  By the same token, I’m not suggesting you do away with your sales force.  I’m asking you to question your next hire, or maybe even your next fire, if you get my point.  Plus, done right, GoldMine Automated Processes (AP’s) will make your existing sales force much more effective! 

GoldMine Automated Processes is an incredible tool that’s used by approximately 2% of users!  Why is that?  In part it’s a reflection on how poorly we prepare and manage salespeople in general.  We send them out to sell, but we don’t equip them.  How well have you done in defining an effective process, creating template letters, and training reps on how to leverage your firm’s website to help them sell, and more?

Automated Processes can send emails, print letters, send faxes, print reports, and more.  But with APs, this preparation is even more critical, because APs can only do what you design them to do. Nothing more, nothing less.  By the same token, the time, effort, and investment you make in Automated Processes can reap benefits and rewards over & over again! 

I don’t recommend jumping into GoldMine Automated Processes without the guidance from someone with years of experience – not because they are technically hard, but because they are conceptually very challenging.  You are very likely to overlook a critically important aspect.  Because of the nature of Automated Processes, to do things automatically at a rapid speed, the potential for damaging relationships is pretty high.