GoldMine 7.0 GM+ Browser

The GM+ Browser, available in GoldMine 7.0 Corporate Edition is an extension of the popular GM+View functionality that allows you to view information from external sources such as other databases, back office systems as well as internet and intranet websites. The new GM+Browser allows you to add GM+Views to the floating GM+Browser window as well as have up to 9 seperate browser tabs. The potential for extending your GoldMine CRM system with this built in Web Browser is enormous. The need to view, add and update external database information related to your GoldMine contact information is something almost all organizations require, however not all organizations have staff with the neccessary programming skills to implement this feature of GoldMine. Some of these programming skills include but are not limited to: PHP, ASP, MySQL, SQL 2000, JAVA, Visual Basic, VBA, C++, Perl, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Goldmine If you are looking to utilize this feature of GoldMine contact First Direct Corp today and speak with an expert about your needs.