Setup your Microsoft Outlook to display the linked GoldMine Record

This “Tech Tip” deals with GISMO (Goldmine Integration Services for Microsoft Outlook) which is included with Goldmine Corporate and Premium Editions.

GISMO is an add-in to your Microsoft Outlook email client that offers the following features:

  • Link e-mails sent and received in MS Outlook to a Goldmine contact
  • Create new contacts in Goldmine and link e-mail messages
  • Launch contacts in Goldmine
  • Link all messages automatically from a particular e-mail address to the corresponding Goldmine contact
  • Access Goldmine contacts via the MS Outlook Address Book

Once the link is installed, while in Outlook, navigate to Tools and then click options. Select the tab labeled “Goldmine link.” (See image #1 to the left) The Goldmine path, Username, Password, and GM Contact set should be checked by your Goldmine administrator. (Documentation on installing the GISMO link and other technical documents can be found at First Direct’s website.)

  • In the section “Goldmine Email Center” click “As a completed activity” to file your email into the history of the linked GoldMine record, as well as your filed folders in the GoldMine Email Center. If “As a pending activity” is selected, your email will end up under the pending tab in Goldmine awaiting your completion.
  • In the section “Goldmine Auto- linking and Attachments” check “Enable Auto-Linking when sending Email” so that outgoing email to GoldMine Address Book contacts will be copied into the history of the GoldMine Contact Record. Check “Save a copy of outgoing attachments” to store any email attachments also.
  • Check “Enable Auto-Linking” when receiving Email” in order to have the option of automatically linking emails to GoldMine Records as they are retrieved into your Outlook inbox.
  • Click apply when you’re done!

Now, I’ll explain how to customize the columns in your Outlook inbox so that you can see whether an email is linked or not to a GoldMine Record, and if so, which record. Simply do the following from within your Outlook client.

In your Outlook inbox right click at the top of the column bar on the “From column title” and select “Customize Current View.” The window in Image # 2 to the left should open up and you’ll select the “Fields” button.

Then the “Show Fields” window below will appear. (See Image # 3 to the left ) Select “User-defined fields in Inbox” from the “Select available fields from” drop down list. Choose to add the following fields from the “Available Fields” list: “GM Company,” “GM,” and “GM Filed.”

If you’ve managed to follow these instructions through, then you’ll notice in Outlook that the email exists in GoldMine (checkbox under GM), the Email has been filed in Goldmine, (GM Filed), and the Goldmine company name is now shown in Outlook.

To learn more about the using email with GoldMine, I recommend you consider the following webinar titled “Using the GoldMine Email Center – What You Need to Know!