The Easiest & Fastest Way to Divide Up a List of Calls

Do you have a big prospect list that you want to split up evenly for several telemarketers or sales reps to call? Use the Group Scheduling feature in GoldMine to equally divide the calls between multiple users.

Once the list is in GoldMine, filter or group the records. Then schedule a call with the proper details and notes. Before you press schedule, go to the Users tab and add all the people you want working on the calls. Then go to the “Group Schedule” tab and check “Schedule to a group of contacts.” Check the box to “span over multiple days” and to “skip weekends” if those are appropriate. Set the start date and time and how many calls you want scheduled overall each day. Once you press “Schedule” you’ll see, after the process monitor is done, that the calls have been divided evenly and that each call is assigned to one sales person only.