OmniRush Isn’t Just for Sending Faxes!

While most companies that purchase OmniRush do so for the ability to send faxes, an equipment manufacturer loves OmniRush for handling incoming faxes.
The executive secretary that administers OmniRush is able to receive, route and link incoming faxes with GoldMine. She states, “With OmniRush, the moment an incoming fax arrives, I am automatically notified. I can view the fax on my computer and then select which GoldMine user I want to forward it to. Then they receive a GoldMine email and an alarm alerting them that they have a fax. By simply clicking on the attachment they can view the fax on their desktop.” If either the Administrator or the user wants they can link the fax to a GoldMine record for easy future retrieval. It can even be synchronized to remote users.

The OmniRush administrator says, “Without OmniRush, everyone has to get up from their desk and walk across the building to check for or get a fax. Now they’re delivered right to their desk. Before, I had to log and file faxes. Now I don’t need to since the history is in the record and the document is easily called up.” She claims that OmniRush saves her over two hours a week…time definitely better spent otherwise.
OmniRush saves this manufacturer time, money and helps them to better service their customers. The sending options are just icing on the cake! If you’ve only thought about OmniRush for sending faxes, think again about all the advantages it offers.