Email Rules Are A Great Productivity Tool

GoldMine 5.0 introduced the ability to create business rules for handling incoming email. In the upgrade to 5.5 this feature now also covers outgoing email. Email Rules, as this feature is called in GoldMine, is often overlooked as a way of improving productivity. Email Rules enable the GoldMine user to instruct GoldMine to automatically handle email for the user according to criteria that the user defines. For example, perhaps all email from a certain senders to be automatically filled in a specific email folder. Or, maybe you want a copy of all email from some sender to automatically be forwarded to another person in your company. The possibilities are too numerous too list, however, if you explore the Email Rules Center, found on the toolbar of your Email Center, you’ll see the wide variety of options for “Conditions” and “Actions” – and with a little imagination you can think of lots of timesaving ideas.

Email Rules are not complicated to create, however, for many GoldMine users it is difficult to get started. Given the potential that Email Rules offer to improve everyone’s productivity, it would be a great idea to hold a little in-house training class on this specific topic. There is a lot to be gained with a little guidance from your GoldMine administrator or a power user.