Ways We Work Together

So much focus is given to how GoldMine is used for sales and marketing that we sometimes overlook GoldMine’s tremendous value as an interoffice workgroup solution. 

Nearly 15 years ago, before MS Windows was even introduced, the founders and creators of GoldMine, Jon Ferrara and Elan Susser, had the vision for a workgroup contact management system, soon to be referred to as sales force automation, that would allow all the various members inside the organization to share one central database for prospects, customers, vendors, and other key contacts. 

From the start, GoldMine featured functions that would help organizations work together more effectively.  Believe it or not, ever since the DOS version, GoldMine offered task delegation, group scheduling, network-based electronic mail, document storage, a knowledge base and other functions.  These qualities have always made GoldMine stand out over other contact management systems and are some of the reasons it’s won so many awards.  In addition to helping sales and marketing, GoldMine has always offered workgroup features which are valuable to the organization at large including but not limited to the ability to:

  • Track in-house interactions in relation to database records
  • Capture significant facts and activities regarding these records that others need
  • Document important internal and external conversation notes or instructions pertaining
  • Check availability of co-workers
  • Delegate scheduled follow-up pertaining to records in the database
  • Notify or copy staff or management regarding aspects on records
  • Offer an efficient way for multiple departments with different roles and responsibilities to share files while at the same time having options to hide or limit access to restricted information


GoldMine has always been much more than a stand-alone contact management or sales automation tool!  Working together more effectively remains vital to any organization’s success – so owners of GoldMine are smart to leverage it to help them do so.