New GM+View Tab


The GM+View tab allows you to create a completely customizable information page using the capabilities of HTML. You can configure it to insert linked images and documents, insert GoldMine fields, and display graphics. The information in the GM+View tab is stored in the Mailbox table and will synchronize to remote users.

You can set up the default or create your own templates with rules that will control what template is displayed for different contacts.

You can create any number of templates with different designs or formats.

  1. To Create a GM+View Template Select File>>Configure>>GM+View Tab. The GM+View Tab Settings dialog box appears.
  2. In the Template List area, click New. The Edit GM+View dialog box appears.
  3. In the Template Name text box, type the name for the template.
  4. Activate the cursor in the design box by clicking with the mouse or tabbing. The template design toolbaris activated.
  5. To design the template, use the toolbar options or right-click and select:
  6. Font: You can choose fonts and font sizes, bold, italics, and underline.
    Paragraph: You can also set alignment and check the spelling.
    Style: You can select Normal, Formatted, Address, Heading, etc.
    Picture: You can insert images that are stored in shared directories.
    Link: You can insert a hyperlink to a website
    Fields: You can insert GoldMine fields, such as user name and contact information, and linked images and linked documents.
    Edit HTML Source: You can edit the template directly in the HTML code.

  7. To save the template, right-click in the design box and select Save. 

Here are some examples for using GM+Views

Links & Pictures:
You can insert pictures and create links to websites.

Linked Images:
You can create a GM+View to view images related to the contact’s record. For example, in the Real Estate industry, imagine having images of the client’s house linked to their record. Now you can show potential buyers a “catalog” of images.

Linked Documents:
You can insert links to linked documents, which will show a path to the linked document in the GM+View.

Viewing Web sites:
You can create a GM+View that links to any online website. For example, you can create a GM+View for MapQuest that displays driving directions based on the contact’s address information. You can also create a GM+View that links to financial websites displaying the latest stock information for a contact based on the stock symbol stored in their GoldMine record. The web page is displayed inside GoldMine.

Linking GoldMine to External Databases:
You can create a web application that will link GoldMine’s database information to the database information to another backend office application, such as an accounting system, order entry system, billing system, production control system, etc etc. This will give you the ability to view information from another application inside of GoldMine’s GM+View window. Information can be linked to a specific record in GoldMine as long as there is a similar value that can be associated between the information in GoldMine and what ever system you are trying to link to.

For help in creating your GM+Views, contact First Direct Corp today.!