Small Call Center with Big Capabilities

A successful national human resources firm, which does lead generation for its national field sales force, decided to equip a small internal sales call center (2-3 telemarketers) with GoldMine. Previously, all tracking, reporting and follow-up was done manually. In fact, the telemarketers didn’t even have computers!

The project leaders evaluated a number of solutions, including ACT!, and elected to proceed with GoldMine. After mapping out their lead generation process, they met with their GoldMine Solution Partner, who configured GoldMine to meet their specific requirements and work flow. Automation, simplicity and intuitiveness were important criteria to make it easy and fast for everyone to realize the system’s benefits.

The new system has greatly reduced redundant record keeping, enhanced activity tracking, and made it far more efficient to dole out the generated leads to the field reps. Summary and detail reports/analysis give managers quick and accurate access to activity reports.

The investment is instantly starting to pay for itself! They’re also very excited about future possibilities using additional GoldMine features and third-party products. With GoldMine properly configured their little call center has some big capabilities that are sure to pay off big time!