You’ve Gotta Fax

Not too long ago faxes would be announced each time one was received. Nowadays, as email inboxes and snail-mail boxes get bloated, targeted broadcast faxing is still a medium that reaches decision makers with a hard-copy printed page. Unlike email that is often deleted based on the subject alone before it’s even viewed, faxes deliver a complete message with graphics. This helps them get attention.

While CRM solutions gain greater adoption, most organizations are still just catching on to the potential that a fax server offers. That’s going to change, especially as the technology’s integration with CRM matures, and as the software offers more robust features.

Using Internet faxing with OmniRush (formerly FaxRush), you can reach contacts for $.09 a page, far less than the cost of even, “bulk” direct mail. Internet faxing doesn’t rely on a modem or tie up phone lines to transmit; it goes out over the Internet and rings at the receiver’s fax machine like an ordinary fax. The volume is virtually unlimited.

With OmniRush, faxes can be merged like MS Word documents during the broadcast process so each fax is personalized. Adding a fax-back form to the document makes it easy for recipients to respond. Always offer an “opt out option” in at least 9-point size font.

Fax numbers tend to be more readily available than email addresses. It’s an especially viable communication medium for B-to-B marketers. Integrated with your other communication channels, it can build business and reinforce current customer relationships.