Cloning Condoned!

There may be a lot of controversy over human cloning, but when it comes to GoldMine, cloning lets you play it safe and save time. The concept of cloning in GoldMine is simply a way of creating an exact duplicate of something.

Why clone?

There are basically two reasons:

  1. To save the time it would take to manually re-create the material
  2. To preserve the original.

What can you clone in GoldMine?

You can clone:

  1. a report
  2. a merge form
  3. an email template
  4. a contact group
  5. user properties
  6. a synchronization profile.

How do you clone?

In every case you point to the original item that you want to clone, e.g. the report, the contact group, etc., then right click to open the “local menu.” From the local menu select “clone.” You’ll have to give the cloned subject a new name. Once you have created your new clone you can start to modify it as you see fit. Remember to clone/copy before you modify originals. This way, if you make a mistake you can always revert back to it. Cloning is also a great way to get a head start on creating new merge templates and reports and it saves you the time of inserting fields and doing layouts from scratch.