Getting Users On Board

An office products dealer was looking for a way to promote more consistent use of GoldMine as well as push users to the next level. They had some very devoted GoldMine users along with some very infrequent users. Key sales staff attribute increased sales directly to their commitment to GoldMine while others are more timid about making the commitment to this sales force automation tool.

With full management support, Christine, the GoldMine Project Manager, implemented an in-house GoldMine User Group. The User Group began meeting weekly to share GoldMine tips and tools. Christine found that the User Group offers an open forum for learning and brainstorming new ways to use GoldMine.

In addition, the company began providing individual users with some special hands-on training, both during and after business hours. Christine also distributed a “newsletter” to keep users up-to-date about new procedures and other pertinent user information and provide them with helpful user tips. Christine stated, “The key to making Goldmine a successful tool in our organization revolves around the users’ feedback.”