Five CRM User Best Practices

1).  Walk In, Log In … And Be On the Record!

If you’re not in your CRM system throughout your day, you can’t possibly be using it.  When you need to document an activity, or plan a follow-up, or update a field, you should be in the system and on the record you are working with.  Being on the record enables you to check the information and to refer to it in the course of your interaction.  And it means you can easily and quickly make updates.  When you’re with someone in person, look them in the eye, and when you’re on the phone, be on their record!

2). Doing your Day in GoldMine

After you’ve walked in, logged in and pulled up the record you’re dealing with, it is crucial that you document your activities and follow-up. Capture any information that could help you or someone else in your office to do their job – to take care of the prospect or customer. It could be sales or service related, or even details that an administrator or manager in your office will rely on. Data entered in fields may be critical for reporting and decision making, or the basis for a marketing filter. People’s entries add to the value of the database, while accounting for their efforts and results. If details are not captured when their obtained, they are more than likely to be lost forever. Which is why I say “later is never” when it comes to keeping GoldMine up to date.

3). Align User Expectations (Work as a Team with GoldMine as your “listening post”)

As a “work-group solution,” a CRM product should provide your organization with a “listening post” which fosters better communications and the ability for one team member to access information captured by another. The task delegation features that GoldMine offers will facilitate better teamwork. Users should come to expect this of GoldMine, as well as of their peers. It is critical that user expectations, when it comes to the database and its usage, are aligned. What good is it if an sales manager or administrator puts a new lead in the system for a salesperson to follow-up on, if that salesperson is not expecting to receive the lead that way?

GoldMine is your organization’s listening post!

4). Tools of the Trade – Gain a Competitive Advantage

Any professional is empowered by or limited by their ability to use the tools of their trade! Technology has long been used to extend our capabilities. This is true whether one is a surgeon, fisherman, mechanic, or business person. Therefore, those who can better use technology to perform their profession have a competitive advantage.

CRM software is to a “tool of the trade” for sales or marketing professionals!

5). GoldMine is Software – You turn it into a system by applying your process!

While there are many similarities in terms of the basics of what organizations do, such as make calls, capture contacts, take notes, etc., each business has ‘their way of doing things.’ Mapping your way into the usage of your CRM is how you turn the CRM software into a CRM system. It’s also those kinds of details that you generally won’t find in the manual. The most successful CRM implementations leverage the various CRM product features in order to fashion a system that increases and improves sales, service, productivity, teamwork, and decision making.

CRM software is an expense, whereas a CRM system will have an ROI.

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