How to Link Your GoldMine with a Custom Application

A video presentation/demonstration on how to extend or enhance your GoldMine by connecting it with a custom application.

Over the years many GoldMine customers have asked about ways of customizing GoldMine or extending GoldMine features to track complex data relationships, ie Project Management, Order Tracking, Inventory Control systems, etc.

The answer for the most part is no, we (First Direct Corp.) can’t customize “GoldMine” itself to offer/extend new features/functionality, only the manufacturer of GoldMine can do that. However, we can develop custom applications/interfaces that integrates GoldMine with it.

In this video presentation, I demonstrate a simple Order Tracking system that is linked to GoldMine contact records. They key take away from the presentation, is that a custom application can be built to store what ever data/information you require and it can be linked/connected to your GoldMine contacts.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact First Direct Corp. (845) 221-3800.