Long Time ACT! Users Migrating to GoldMine CRM

When I first started selling GoldMine “Contact Manager,” thirty-plus years ago, my main competitors were ACT! and Maximizer. Over the last 10 years those products have lost a great deal of market share. Surprisingly, there are still a lot of CRM users on those products, many with very old editions.

I get calls on a fairly regular basis from ACT! users who do NOT want to upgrade their ACT! and/or convert to ACT!’s hosted (SaaS) offering. They are shopping for an alternative to ACT! They also want to keep their database in-house on their own server or workstation. Plus, there is apparently some resentment on the part of ACT! users with the company.

The people calling me want to know if they can purchase a single or multi-user license for GoldMine Premium CRM, install it in their office on their hardware and migrate their ACT! database over to GoldMine. The simple answer is Yes, Yes, and YES!

GoldMine is one of the few CRM applications still offering a “premise” option!

First Direct has done MANY ACT! to GoldMine migrations. We have brought over contacts with custom fields, notes, history, pending, etc. We have tools and methods for doing this efficiently at a cost that typically justifies migrating your ACT! data rather than starting from scratch.

One other point that may interest you if you are an ACT! and QuoteWerks user. QuoteWerks integrates perfectly well with GoldMine and you’ll be able to easily switch over your QuoteWerks integration.

Want to know more about switching over to GoldMine Premium CRM? I’d be happy to do a demonstration and speak with you! Please call me at (845) 221-3800 x 101 or click here to request a call from me.

Note: First Direct Corp. also offers Zoho CRM.