GO-Global – Access Your GoldMine and Other Business Applications From Anywhere

Access Your GoldMine and Other Important Business Applications & Files Remotely

GO-Global makes it easy to create a secure, private cloud to quickly access your GoldMine and other important business applications no matter the location – on the LAN, WAN, over VPN and the public Internet.  Straightforward to setup and use, it is powerful  and feature-rich while supporting medium and large-scale deployments.

In today’s workplace many users are being forced to work from home, but many businesses still rely on Windows applications for mission-critical business functions. Windows applications provide rich, hard-to-replace functionality, however they may lack the quick accessibility options that web browser based solutions offer.  In most cases they have to be installed on each user’s computer and run by one user at a time.  GO-Global overcomes these limitations.

Multiple people can securely and simultaneously run a Windows application on a single computer from virtually anywhere, using mobile devices and Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers. Applications accessed using GO-Global retain 100% of their features, functions, and observes all security in place.

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