5 Ways to Use Your CRM Software to Build Trust

Cui bono?  This famous little Latin phrase means, “Who benefits from this matter?”

Our instincts generally tell us that people will place their personal self-interests ahead of others! If the consumer does not recognize a link between their self-interests and yours, it’s harder to gain their trust.  The key to building trust is to demonstrate “linked self-interests!”  In other words, we want the prospect to perceive that their loss is your loss.  When you accomplish this, their instincts work in your favor, since they sense that you are working in your mutual interests!

In order to build trust, our consumer needs some sense that our interests are linked to theirs.

Here are five (5) ways you can use your CRM database to demonstrate to prospects that your are concerned about their interests:

  1. Take good notes in your CRM database about the expressed needs, objectives, and concerns of your prospects and customers.  Then relate and demonstrate the features & benefits of your products & services to those.
  2. Schedule in your CRM and follow-up in accordance with the request of your prospects and customers.
  3. Work more effectively as a team to share information in your CRM which will help your staff to do a better job servicing the prospect or customer.
  4. Simply asking good questions and listening sends a strong impression about your interest in their needs.  The answers to many of those questions belong in your CRM for future reference.
  5. Confirm the spelling of names.  Nobody likes their name spelled wrong!

It’s called “Customer Relationship Management” for good reason.  CRM is a powerful relationship-building tool in the hands of a quality professional salesperson.  And, the information that is captured can be essential to marketing and customer service as well.

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