GoldMine 2017.1 HotFix 1 Released!!

What’s New in GoldMine 2017.1 HF1

GoldMine Premium Edition

● If the “Encode E-mails using character set” value is empty in a user’s E-mail Options, GoldMine will use “utf-8” as the default character set.

GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook

● When a contact has been suggested, you can select/click on the contact name or company name (or additionalcontact name) to open and view the contact record in GoldMine.
● When searching for a contact, you can select/clickon the name of the contact, company or additional contact to open GoldMine and view the contact record.
● When an email message has been linked to an additional contact, selecting/clicking the “View in GoldMine” button will open the contact record in GoldMine and the “Additional Contacts” tab will be in focus, with the additional contact row selected.

What’s Changed in GoldMine 2017.1 HF1

GoldMine Web
● The Custom Screens section within a contact record detail will now display all fields for the selected Custom Screen. The “show more” and “show less” links have been removed.
● Selecting/Clicking any area within the graphical calendar in the ACTIVITIES page will open the schedule activity view with “Appointment” as the default activity type instead of “Call”.
● Untimed activities in the “My Activities” section within the HOME page will now display the placeholder “no time”.
● A white spacer has been included between the “Recent Opportunities” and “Recent Cases” sections within the
HOME page when either or both of these sections are expanded.

What’s Fixed in GoldMine 2017.1 HF1

  • Duplicate screen tab names appear when you customize the screen tab names
  • Cursor not visible in Reference when scheduling activity with IE 9-11 installed
  • After creating custom tabs, then moving the position of the custom tab, the tab list then duplicates the custom tabs created
  • When replying to an email, inline images do not show in the reply, the email is changed to content type: css/text
  • After setting the encoding for sending mail in GoldMine, Exchange shows the proper name of the retrieved email as =?iso 8859-1?B?MQ==?=
  • Set filter on a tab with a lot of records (e.g. History by Contact), then sort the results by Date will result in a blank window as no record ‘match’ the criteria
  • When a contact name has an apostrophe and several e-mail addresses are linked to this contact record trying to add the contact as further recipient to an email will automatically take all related email addresses instead of offering the selection dialog box
  • Setting custom filters on any grids for example History tab and Pending tab (most likely for many other grids too) for blank values will result in inconsistent and wrong results
  • Grid filters in Pending/History tab (most likely every where grid filters can be set) will not work consistently when the filter value has an ‘ (apostrophe)
  • Image attachments in emails sent from iOS devices adds what appears to be header information to the attachment extension when downloaded into GoldMine
  • When the message ID contains an apostrophe the email will be downloaded over and over again (Fixed apostrophe, but some other characters might cause the issue
  • When manually copying an Outlook email to GoldMine from within E-Mail Center, the special characters are changed and corrupted
  • API Assistance request – customer getting error – Object reference not set to an instance of an object on inserting data and retrieving data via API
  • Follow-up on RM 214724 – In certain cases -customer recognized only on replies – German characters are still destroyed
  • Unable to login to Constant Contact via GoldMine to setup or create new Campaigns
  • Error editing or viewing activities in GM WEB: “server error: error in activity controller action: get activity F2 metadata”
  • GMWEB – Revoked Opportunities, Activities or Calendar rights will remove tabs in GoldMine Web (ACTIVITIES, OPPORTUNITIES, CASES) but the Home Dashboard shows still My Activities, Recent Opportunities/Cases
  • Even if the “Save attachments as linked documents” setting is unchecked, the new GoldMine Link for Outlook NOT honoring the setting in Tools>Options>EMail>More Options>Retrieval.
  • A newer version of Microsoft Outlook is needed for the plug-in to be installed. The GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook will not be installed”