Many Business Owners Are Playing the Wrong Game

Many businesses approach their marketing like one goes bowling.  Bowling is a game of skill, not strategy.  In each frame and with every roll the objective is the same – knock down all the pins.  Marketing is more like a game of chess, involving strategy and multiple tactics (tools).  A chess play and marketer need to plan ahead, and future moves depend on the other player’s actions.

In bowling, the player has one tool – the bowling ball.  In chess, the player has multiple tools – pawns, rooks, bishops, horses, etc.  A marketer has several tactics too. Each has an application that it works best for.  Sometimes an email is called for.  Other times a phone call is best.  There are many other options.

In chess, as in marketing, the better the player, the more proactive they are.  A highly strategic marketer plans multiple moves in advance, and has thought through responses to their consumer’s behavior.  They are prepared in advance to handle requests, do fulfillment, and meet rejection.  The ultimate objective is a sale and long-term business relationship.  But to optimize the lifetime value of a customer through cross-sell, repeat business, and customer loyalty, there are many steps along the way, and and various anticipated sales objections.

GoldMine has many features which are ideal for a marketer who wants to think and operate like a chess player.  From templates, to a knowledge base for call guides, to literature fulfillment tools, to automated processes, GoldMine offers a powerful tool set.

Success on the chess board and with GoldMine depends on whose hands are at work. In the sport of chess, there’s a big difference between a casual player, and “club player,” let alone a “master!”  So too in GoldMine.

First Direct has a range of services and a variety of live on-line training classes to help you develop your skills.  Call me today to discuss your business objectives.

Bob Ritter, President First Direct Corporation