How to control how Double-Click on Activities or Calendar items works in GoldMine

Your GoldMine Activity List or Calendar is open in front of you. What do you want to happen when you double click on an Appointment or Activity List item?

Some users would prefer to navigate to a contact when double clicking, others would like to edit the appointment. Your GoldMine ‘Administrator’ can customize the user settings to suit each users’ preferences. With the ‘EditWhenDblClick’ setting, users can choose what happens when they double-click on a calendar item. This setting is placed in the [CalObj] section of the <username>.ini file. The username.ini files are located in your GoldMine System Files folder.

Have your GoldMine administrator navigate to the GoldMine System Files folder and locate the users username.ini file. Edit and and within that file locate the [CalObj] section, there might already be an entry for EditWhenDblClick, if there is then just update based on the following options, if there isn’t an entry already, just add it.

* To open the activity (default):  EditWhenDblClick=1
* To open the contact record:  EditWhenDblClick=0