Four Laws of Communication

In the world of direct marketing, Herschell Gordon Lewis is without peer. Nobody has written more books. Nobody has written more articles.  Certainly nobody is more respected.  He is quite likely the world’s best-known copywriter.

So when this man makes a “Law” regarding communications you’d best know it and respect it.

Many years ago, Mr. Lewis came up with the “Four Laws of Communication.”  Some things become irrelevant over time.  But when it comes to human nature, there are many aspects that are immutable.  Therefore, regardless of how old the principle may be, it is as applicable as ever.  I’ll let you be the judge – because I’m going to share with you Herschell Gordon Lewis’ communication laws now.

I. Don’t waste money marketing to non-prospects.

II. In the age of skepticism, cleverness for its own sake may well be a liability.

III. When you emphasize everything, you emphasize nothing.

IV. Tell the reader what to do.

How might you apply this to your use of CRM?

  1. Don’t want money marketing to non-prospects: Qualifying all the leads and prospects that enter your database and update the records so that former prospects and unqualified leads can be filtered out of marketing & sales communications.
  2. In the age of skepticism, cleverness for its own sake may well be a liability: Speak in real and relevant ways to your prospects.  Capturing information in your CRM which pertains to their needs and objectives enables you to stay on point.  Rather than trying to be clever – be relevant and timely.
  3. When you emphasize everything, you emphasize nothing:  This law underscores one of the reasons we need to apply repetition in our marketing.  Each message is an opportunity to focus on different benefits of your products and services.
  4. Tell the reader what to do:  Having a clear “call to action” is of paramount importance with marketing, and sales too.  Telling your reader to “request” or to “Call” or to “Download” are some other form of action is proven to lift response.

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Bob Ritter, President of First Direct Corporation