Training is the key to developing your most vital assets, your employees

Would you agree that most of the software we own, can do a lot more than we know what or how to do with it?  Yet, manufacturers are pressured to build more & more functionality into their products even though most users tend to under-use what they already have.  I include myself in this!

There is also a common misconception that is often called “the silver bullet myth” – I define it as follows:  Just because the software manufacturer says their product can do something, YOU can get it to do it.  Others might call this marketing hype.  When in reality, the truth is that the product can do what you are asking, but it requires either “advanced skills” or “expert knowledge” about the product, to make it do what you were told it can do. These skills or knowledge are something most new software users do not have without proper training.


Lack of knowledge, or skill, translates into lack of use.  And when it comes to GoldMine, lack of use means less marketing and sales.  Whether it’s creating template emails or letters, building a marketing list using filters or groups, broadcasting emails to primary and select additional contacts, running reports or analyzing data, automating a drip marketing campaign, importing leads from lists or web forms, or something else, if you lack the skills to perform these functions you’re limiting yourself and your organization’s success.

Not so long ago, training at work was mostly seen as some kind of reward or punishment. Today’s savvy businesses know that training is an absolutely vital function. First, it is expected. Today’s employees won’t work where they aren’t developed. Whether for personal or professional reasons, people don’t want to be in a business where they are not kept up-to-date, fully trained, and given opportunities to develop. The second reason is the speed of change. Whether in technology, in products, or in skills, training enables people to keep up to date with the market, the competition, and their own organization’s plans. And thirdly, businesses know that people are their most valuable asset. Making the most of this asset is what training is all about. That’s why training skills are essential in the modern business organization.

The simple moral of the story is this:  If you want to market, sell and service better with GoldMine, learn how to!  First Direct is a great place to startContact First Direct Corp. today and let’s review your organizations needs and customize a training agenda for your GoldMine users. GoldMine is full of features most other CRM systems can’t match. What features/functionality of GoldMine CRM are you not using that might help give your organization a competitive advantage and/or a boost in productivity?