The Overwhelming Appeal of Old Technology: Why We Struggle to Let Go or Change

It’s 2016 and many people believe that floppy disks are obsolete. You know, those Black plastic squares with pathetically low storage by today’s standards. By now, they should only serve as coasters, shoulder bags, and planters.

Well they’re wrong because the U.S. nuclear weapons force still uses floppy disks to store data. Why? Most likely because of the logistics involved in upgrading to modern technologies in such an intricate and critical setup. That’s understandable, even if it’s hard to digest.


But what about individuals who use old, aging, or outdated hardware and software or avoid current tech altogether? What drives them to do so?


You’re Not Alone!

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What ever your fears or concerns are for not upgrading to new technology, we are here to help you and to answer your questions and to guide you to the best decision for your organization. Whether that be upgrading your hardware/computer(s),  upgrading your software,  integrating your existing software with other applications you may now be adopting or have used for years, or educating/training your new and existing employees on how to better use the software you own. We help organizations from many different industries, verticals and sizes to market, sell and service better. Let us show you how. Here is a list of just some of the ways we can help you.